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September 11, 2018

2018 Shanghai Furniture Fair

The household collocation that pursues contracted, vogue already became a kind of wind direction tide of furniture market, Italian type contracted furniture occupies the market gradually, become the first selection of young generation. And with the continuous update of the product, more style. With Italian simplicity as the guide, NASCAlife focuses on cotton and hemp fabric art and performs another highlight of cotton and hemp art.

NASCAlife endows each product with unique personality and connotation, which makes the product more spiritual. No matter be sofa or corner a few, be full of distinctive Italy type elegant demeanour from beginning to end.

China international home furnishing pudong exhibition, NASCAlife will be the exhibition hall design in the contemporary design techniques, combined with the simple style of products, to create a sense of belonging to the home, and "beauty is the belief in the home" to meet, fully reflect the NASCAlife product characteristics. With the contracted wind that has individual character extremely, explained NASCAlife to cotton and hemp art acme pursuit. It conveys the connotation of fashion and a yearning for a better life.

The overall design of the exhibition, well received by the audience, the new product definition, giving different concepts of the product, for the exhibition staff to bring a different furniture feast, the exhibition site surging crowd, scene hot, the scene signed constantly, is also a recognition of NASCAlife products.