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October 18, 2018

Scihome flagship store opens in Seoul, South Korea

On October 18, 2018, Scihome flagship store opens in Seoul, South Korea, which is also the first flagship store in South Korea. Mr. Hu weidong, chairman of Scihome furnishing, Ms. Dai guifei, vice President of Scihome furnishing, Mr. Hu chuhui, general manager of Scihome furnishing customization business division and other senior leaders of Scihome furnishing attended the opening ceremony of Scihome flagship store in Seoul, South Korea.

It is reported, Scihome has a plan to overseas market layout early, during the Spring Festival of 2018, Scihome with a "I come from China" advertising high-profile appearance in the United States times square, caused the market to pay close attention to. In September this year, hu weidong, chairman of Scihome said, "Scihome was founded in 1999. After nearly 19 years of accumulation, it is not only loved by Chinese people, but also needs to go abroad to bring home furnishing products with Chinese characteristics overseas. This Scihome settles in Korea Seoul, it is Scihome layout overseas market important one step, it is Scihome the achievement that household internationalization develops shows.