Designer Team

SCIHOME R&D Institute is committed to independent research, development and innovation. It is the core technical organization of SCIHOME and a comprehensive research base built by SCIHOME through technical cooperation.

R&D team committed to dig the beauty, create the beauty, flow the science and technology to lead the new design direction. We start from the research and development to help art and science promote each other and develop together, let the new combination of beauty and technology meet the consumers' demand for higher quality of life.

The R&D institute covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, including color research center, human body engineering comfort research center, quality testing center, aesthetic research center, industrial design center, ERP data center, software R&D department, solid wood R&D department, and material development department, cost accounting department, and product management department. Currently, the R&D team gets more than 100 designers, 22 for solid wood, 70 for software, 4 data technicians, 4 product information managements, and 4 product development teams, and 1 process structure group.

Our company has 281 intellectual property rights, including 2 invention patents, 14 utility models, and 265 appearance patents.

I am a Home colorist - - ZhongYueqin

People-oriented, all around the human life, production activities to create a beautiful indoor environment

I am a Home colorist - - HeJiangru

Life needs precipitation, design needs thinking

I am a Home colorist - - KanYuran

Life, like design, needs rendering and polishing

I am a Home colorist - - ZhuXiaoyan

Let your inspiration flow freely and create a space your heart desires